CHEM 540 Assignments

Chem. 540  Assignments and Solutions

Fall 2023

Homework must be turned in by the end of the lecture on the due date. In the event you are unable to come to class because of illness you may email your answers to Peisen.

NG stands for "not to be graded".

Some of the assignments require the use of symbolic algebra software. We recommend Mathematica, and will give tutorials using this software. You may use Matlab if you prefer, but we will not be able to assist you with this. Note: In computational problems, all operations need to be done within the symbolic algebra software. You should not perform any intermediate steps analytically.

Assignment 1 (due Aug. 31): MathPr1, MathSol1, MathPr2, MathSol2, MathPr3, MathSol3, MathPr4, MathSol4, MathPr5, MathSol5, MathPr6, MathSol6, MathPr7, MathSol7Please review the relevant units (complex numbers, integrals, derivatives, Taylor series) of your college math textbooks. Also, please check out Notes on Complex Numbers and Notes on Integrals.

Assignment 2 (due Sept. 7): BasicsPr1, BasicsSol1, BasicsPr2, BasicsSol2, BasicsPr3, BasicsSol3, FormPr1, FormSol1, FormPr2, FormSol2, FormPr3, FormSol3. Notes: Wavefunction 1 in problem BasicsPr3 refers to that given in problem BasicsPr2. Also you will need Mathematica (or Matlab) for next week's assignment, please plan ahead.

Assignment 3 (due Sept. 14): BasicsPr4, BasicsSol4, FormPr4, FormSol4, FormPr5, FormSol5, FormPr6, FormSol6, and Comp1 parts (a),(b),(c). Note that Comp1 requires Mathematica. In FormPr6 write out a few terms in the series expansion of each of these forms. Observe that order is important, thus if the operators don't commute the exponential of the sum does not equal the product of exponentials. Then argue that if order doesn't matter, everything is exactly like in the case of ordinary algebraic functions, in which case you know the exponential of the sum factors. This is all you need to do in this problem.

Assignment 4 (due Sept. 21): FormPr7, FormSol7, FormPr11, FormSol11, FormPr12, FormSol12, BasicsPr5, BasicsSol5, FormPr13, FormSol13, FormPr18, FormSol18, rest of Comp1. In Comp1, the last part on matrix elements refers to phi1, phi2.

Assignment 5 (due 28): FormPr19, FormSol19, FormPr20, FormSol20MathPr8, MathSol8, MathPr9, MathSol9FormPr15, FormSol15. Exam practice: FormPr16 (NG), FormPr17 (NG).

** Midterm 1: Tuesday, Oct. 3 **

Assignment 6 (due Oct. 12): FormPr14, FormSol14, ModelsPr1, ModelsSol1, ModelsPr2, ModelsSol2, ModelsPr7, ModelsSol7, Comp2.

Assignment 7 (due Oct. 19): ModelsPr6, ModelsSol6, ModelsPr8, ModelsSol8, ModelsPr11, ModelsSol11ModelsPr3, ModelsSol3, parts (a),(b),(c) of Comp3.

Assignment 8 (due Oct. 26): ModelsPr4, ModelsSol4, ModelsPr5, ModelsSol5, ModelsPr9, ModelsSol9, ModelsPr10, ModelsSol10, rest of Comp3, AngMomPr1, AngMomSol1, AngMomPr2, AngMomSol2, AngMomPr4, AngMomSol4.

** Midterm 2: Tuesday, Oct. 31 **

Assignment 9 (due Nov. 9): HydrogenPr1, HydrogenSol1, HydrogenPr2, HydrogenSol2, AngMomPr3, AngMomSol3, AngMomPr5, AngMomSol5, HydrogenPr3, HydrogenSol3, HydrogenPr4, HydrogenSol4, HydrogenPr5, HydrogenSol5, HydrogenPr6, Hydrogen Sol6.

Assignment 10 (due Nov. 16): VarPr1, VarSol1, VarPr2, VarSol2, HuckelPr1, HuckelSol1, Comp4.

Assignment 11 (due Nov. 30): PertPr1, PertSol1, PertPr2, PertSol2.


** Final exam: Friday, Dec. 8, 1:30-4:30 pm **